Stable Dynamics (5th Dimension)

Dynamics features movement and stable means. Continuous
Stable dynamics thus means continuous movement or motion. That is a moving object which enjoys continuous movement. For example, the electron continuous revolution round the nucleus, the revolution of the moon round the earth and that of the earth round the sun. In this formula, the continuous movement of the moving object round the origin of coordinates in space is studied.

The Resultant formula of Masses m_1/m_2… m_n in Space oxyz at a Point

In this paper, the formula of the contact resultant for masses (m-1,m-2,…,m-n) in space(oxyz) is calculated and proved. Regarding the importance of masses movement in space and their contact with each other, it is felt that in order to design and optimize dynamic systems (dynamic mechanics), a reasonable relation should be established between their subsets. This paper attempts to prove such a relation in the simplest possible way.

Application Of Differential Equations In Spherical Space

Application of differential equations in spherical space has been approved in this paper.
Regarding the importance of differential equations in mathematical mechanics , a reasonable relation is felt to be presented in order to design and optimize dynamic systems( dynamic mechanics) and all relevant subsets.
This paper tries to establish the relation in question in the simplest possible state.