Law Physics Quantum (LPQ)

A theory that can explain all laws and phenomena in the world can include quantum gravity.
The integration of quantum mechanics and general relativity cannot be justified with today’s science and knowledge, but in order to fully explain quantum gravity, it is necessary to present a new theory that is the intersection of 3 classical theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Types of Triangles

Proven types of triangles can now be used for greater accuracy, so that each point in space can be tested and controlled by the relationship of the types of triangles to several types of triangles and multiple angles. Due to the control of multiple angles, it can be used in ultra-modern computers to test and control electrons, etc., and finally quantum physics. By proving trigonometric relations in different types of trigonometry, we have solved some exercises and solved them clearly and simply, and it is worth mentioning that the basis of new mathematics in super-modern computers (types of trigonometry).

Optical trigonometry

Optical trigonometry We know that the light source is radiated and emitted in all directions. The speed of each ray of light is 300,000 kilometers per hour. The following options can be calculated to check for a light ray or more than one light: The propagation of a...

Angular Speed

In this paper , the angular speed formula has been established (proved) on any type of curve. Regarding the importance of the angular speed calculation in most of applied sciences such as dynamic mechanics , aerospace , dynamic systems and lock of a relation established in this connection , the need is felt that in order to design and optimize dynamic systems , a reasonable relation should be presented . This paper tries to prove such a relation in the easiest possible way.