Types of Triangles

Mohammad Mahbod

Chapter I:

Point angles in space (a line that passes through the origin of coordinates) (Mathematics)

Chapter II:

  Linear angles in space (Mathematics)

Chapter III:

Angular velocity (Astronomy)

Introduction :


1- I am not a member of any party, group or political group and I am not a politician at all. I am a member of the Association of Official Experts of Justice of Isfahan Province, and therefore, according to my bachelor’s degree, I am committed to making my thoughts, words, and writings right. Therefore, one of my honors is that all scientific research has been done and its continuation is in the direction of truth and truth and in order to serve the world of humanity.

2- Real value: My real position, according to the proven scientific research, will be equivalent to the number one man at the end of the 21st century. This position is in terms of scientific value and is not comparable to the values ​​of other disciplines.

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Proven types of triangles can now be used for greater accuracy, so that each point in space can be tested and controlled by the relationship of the types of triangles to several types of triangles and multiple angles. Due to the control of multiple angles, it can be used in ultra-modern computers to test and control electrons, etc., and finally quantum physics. By proving trigonometric relations in different types of trigonometry, we have solved some exercises and solved them clearly and simply, and it is worth mentioning that the basis of new mathematics in super-modern computers (types of trigonometry)..

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